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Project Description

A treasure collecting game inspired by Lode Runner, Spacem combines 2D and 3D views, letting the player switch freely between the mode of camera while playing. The player must collect all the treasure in a level, using their ability to phase through certain parts of the ground to traverse the map and avoid the vile Scythe aliens.

My primary goal with this project was to try using 2D and 3D space together in the design of the game while also learning about NavMesh in Unity.

Teaching Mechanisms

The game uses the first few levels as formal tutorials, in each one introducing a new, basic mechanic with simple tooltips. Each of these levels employs skill gates, requiring the player to use the introduced mechanic to complete the level.

Level 1 teaches movement.

Level 1:
Level 1

Level 2 teaches phasing.

Level 2:
Level 2

Level 3 teaches swapping camera views.

Level 3:
Level 3 (1)
Level 3 (2)

Level 4 introduces enemies.

Level 4:
Level 4

Levels 5 and 6 then begin to increase the difficulty of the game, adding more enemies to the mix.

Lessons Learned

Before this project, I had never used many of the components I needed in order to make this game. I learned much about the basics of NavMesh, how to use multiple cameras in a scene at once, and how to deal with AI. Though it slowed down the pace of making new levels considerably, it was valuable experience to use these components firsthand.

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