Augmented Reality Audio Analysis Application for iOS by Acoustic Masterminds® Inc.

AcoustiTools® App

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Project Responsibilities

I was contracted by Acoustic Masterminds® as a Unity Developer to design and engineer features for AcoustiTools® in June 2019. I had previously made a prototype version of the dB Meter module included in the app, but other developers had programmed the four existing modules. For those initial modules, I analyzed the other developers' undocumented code to locate and fix bugs, improve the efficiency of the algorithms, and then enhance and add new functionality. Along with this, I created new features for the app as a whole - such as adding the ability to store periods of audio data and analyze averaged results - as well as improving and adding to the app's UI. I also designed and created the Diagnostic Graphic Equalizer (GEQ) module in its entirety.

Diagnostic GEQ Module:
Diagnostic GEQ Module

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