Magic Shard Spawner for Unreal

Game Mechanic Made in C++ for UE4

Demo Build

Try it for yourself here:

Windows Build

Example Video

Purpose and Functionality

This mechanic is for puzzles and combat. By finding the world space positions of the vertices of any given static mesh, the spawner is able to send shards that start constructing that object as a collection of shards. Each shard has collision, so collectively they can dynamically form new pathways to walk on, obstacles to impede enemies, objects the player can utilize as weapons, etc. However, players are limited in the amount of shards that they can create at once, making a constraint that gameplay can be designed around. Players will have to manage their shard use in order to solve puzzles and effectively fight off enemies.


The Magic Shard Spawner is programmed as a C++ component that is attached to the player. The entirety of the spawning and shard management functionality is contained in the C++ code which is then activated from Blueprints on user input. The Spawner then calls methods implemented in the shard Blueprints to move the shards over the course of a timeline and sends them the world space positions of the given static mesh's vertices.

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